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Jackson officials to drill at landslide's crest

Jackson officials to drill at landslide's crest

JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) - Workers are building a temporary path for a drill rig to access a slow-moving landslide threatening homes and businesses in Jackson.
Jackson officials say the heavy rig will drill bore holes up to 200 feet deep along the upper crest as they look for ways to counter the slow collapse first noticed April 4.
The samples should tell them about the composition of the formation, the depth of the slide, the water levels and the location of the slide's scarp.
Town officials say the workers are using barriers that were initially meant to help stabilize the hillside to construct the path.
They plan to bring in additional barriers to guard against falling debris Sunday.
The slide has destroyed a house and looms over a cluster of businesses.

Editor's Note: Aerial footage provided by Tributary Environmental.

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