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Jackson shops local for Small Business Saturday

Jackson shops local for Small Business Saturday

JACKSON, Wyo. - Community's a word you'll hear a lot in Jackson, a town where everyone calls each other "neighbor" and memories run deep.

So when people go shopping, they don't travel far.

"I get haircuts from my local people, I shop my local grocery store whenever I can, shop my local gas station," said Jeff Rouch.

Rouch, who owns Wyoming Outfitters in Jackson's town square, says for each dollar spent in his store, a large portion goes back into the community.

"Consumers need to realize that shopping local and shopping in their neighborhood...that money stays in town, and doesn't go out to the chain department heads and stuff," Rouch said.

Saturday was Small Business Saturday, an event organized locally by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by American Express.

During the day customers flocked to Pearl Street Bagels where they had their choice of a range of bagels and coffee.

"Hopefully people will come out, and support the local businesses and grab a cup of coffee on their way," said owner Polly Danz.

Alexander Hodel, who works printing photos at Broadway Photo, understands the importance of shopping locally.

"Keeps it so people like me can pay my rent and live here," Hodel said.

A life he hopes will only improve with time.

"Let's grow our own community. Let's make the place an awesome place to live," he said.

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