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Jefferson sheriff responds to Mud Lake concerns

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Idaho - The Jefferson County sheriff has responded to folks who have complained about the lack of police presence in the Mud Lake and Terreton area.

Blair Olsen said Thursday that community meetings this week focused on three major concerns: the response time of deputies to the extreme western end of the county, traffic patrols near schools and business, and better communications.

The sheriff said actual emergency calls to the area have been down from 2011 levels.

Sherry Locascio, the mayor of Mud Lake, said Wednesday 11 burglaries have gone unsolved in her town.

Residents also said they'd like to see a resident deputy assigned to the area.

Olsen, himself a former Mud Lake resident deputy, said it has been difficult to find qualified officers wishing to live in the remote area. He said that will not be an issue that will resolve itself quickly.

But he said two deputies are assigned to the area, and they provide regular, daily patrols.

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