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Jeremy Eldridge, Idaho Falls toddler, is a local celebrity

Dad loves to make his son a star

Jeremy Eldridge, Idaho Falls toddler, is a local celebrity

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A one and a half year old baby in Idaho Falls seems to be growing up fast. 

From hanging out with Kate Winslet on the set of the movie, "titanic," to wearing the infamous Superman cape, this local baby has gone on some pretty fun adventures with the help of his dad and technology. 

Jeremy Eldridge, also known as Punky, may seem like your average toddler...but there's another side to him. 

He's actually a movie star -- in photos, anyway. 

"I love movies, so I said let's do it!" said David Eldridge, Punky's dad. "So then I just started doing it and its enjoyable so I do it all of the time."

Punky's first role was agent 007 in Punky Bond. From there, it grew -- Punky Indiana Jones, Punky Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, he even starred in his own version of "The Godfather."

"He (Punky) just likes to look at himself," said David. "Whenever he gets fussy, I just tell him to look at the computer and he'll point to himself and we have a good time." 

But it's not just a matter of cut and paste. David said a lot of work goes into making these pictures look somewhat believable. 

"I put his face over Leonardo DiCaprio here," said David. "There was still some hair sticking out on the side, so I had to blend it in." 

It may just seem like fun and games now, but Punky's dad might have an ulterior motive behind this funny baby photos.

"I get to break it out when he brings over girlfriends and totally humiliate him," said David. 

There are a ton of other Punky photos on the Hollywood scene. 

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