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Job market looks promising for many December graduates

Job outlook appears positive for December grads

POCATELLO, Idaho - This week marks the final week of school for universities across the region. However, many students graduating this month are not thinking so much about their final exams, but more along the lines of what job opportunities are out there.

The Idaho Department of Labor representative Dan Cravens said, depending on the field of a degree, there is good news on the horizon.

"The job market is looking a lot better for those who are graduating with a four-year degree as compared to the market five years ago," Cravens said. 

The labor department lists nursing, occupational therapy, and dental hygiene as the hottest jobs, currently highest in demand with the most job openings.

Cravens said there is a common misconception that the bachelor's degree has been devalued.

In fact, he said many of the careers in high demand only require a BA.

However, not all BA's are created equal.

"It might be something students want to factor into their decision-making process as they are entering college and picking a major because your employability is going to be a factor," Cravens said.

Besides choosing a potentially-lucrative major, Cravens said students need to start networking early-on and try to gain work experience through internships as well.

"Many times internships can turn into jobs," Cravens added.

For a list of the top-rated jobs that are hottest in demand in the area, click on this link:

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