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Jumping rope for fitness

Jumping rope for fitness

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - One in four children meet the recommendations for one hour or more of moderate to vigorous exercise per day.

The Centers for Disease Control released partial results from this survey involving kids ages 3 to 15.

There is a new program in Idaho Falls to get kids more active and it's gaining a lot of popularity at The YMCA.

The program takes jump roping to the extreme. Children to tricks taught by professionals from Proform Airborne.

The program is so popular, THE YMCA expanded it to three-times a week after school.

"Jump rope is an amazing exercise," said instructor Jeff Cook, who is also a part of Proform Airborne.

Cook has been jumping rope since he was 6 years old.

He said this class isn't your average playground jump-roping.

"I refer to it is extreme jump rope. Many people I compete with will do back-flips, front flips and add gymnastics and dancing to their jump roping."

Once the kids arrive, the ropes hit the floor and the class begins with warm up and stretching.

Cook said jump roping works your arms, legs and your core.

Nautica Hook, 10, said before the class she could only jump with a single rope.

"Then I went to double-dutch and started doing some tricks; some of them are pretty hard," said Hook.

Friday, the class is practicing double-dutch, and trying to do pushups while jumping.

The recommended exercise for children is one hour of moderate exercise a day.

For adults it's about two and a half hours of moderate exercise a week.

Some 5.3 Million deaths a year happen from physical inactivity, according to the journal "The Lancet." Smoking kills just about 5 million people worldwide.

You can visit the YMCA website to sign up for classes.

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