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Katelyn Kinghorn: Distinguished Student

Katelyn Kinghorn: Distinguished Student

It's a long way until the school year is over, but Katelyn Kinghorn and the other yearbook staff members are already hard at work. Katelyn wants the yearbook to be special

"I really like being able to create these memories for people," Katelyn says.

Yearbook is just one of many activities Katelyn is involved in. Track is one of her favorites.

"I love being able to challenge myself and I love being able to run with so many different people," Katelyn says.

Katelyn is also involved in several musical groups at Sugar-Salem. She also is involved in student council. So why so many activities?

"It helps me become a leader and these things are different - I mean the band is different than track and it's helped me to step up and be a leader in different ways," Katelyn says.

Katelyn wants to become anesthesiologist. She plans to travel the world and do humanitarian work in Africa. She works hard to get good grades and encourages others to do the same. But there's one more thing she encourages high school students to do at the same time.

"But also have fun, because if you don't have fun everything just seems like it's all there for nothing, but if you have fun, if you get involved, then everything will be worth it in the end," Katelyn says.

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