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Kenedee Moon: Distinguished Student

Kenedee Moon: Distinguished Student

RIRIE, Idaho - United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner, Kenedee Moon, from Ririe High School, displays unusual determination and direction in life for a teenager.
Kenedee frequently volunteers her time after school tutoring.

"It helps give me a different way to think of things, and if I can't explain it the way I think of it you have to find other ways to get it across to them and it's helped me," Kenedee says.

Helping others is just part of Kenedee's personality. A favorite yearly activity for her is volunteering with her mom at relay for life.

Kenedee is smart. Going into her senior year she already had 21 total college credits from advanced classes she'd taken earlier in high school. She knows just what she wants to do - go to ISU and apply to the School of Pharmacy. She's worked hard to get near perfect grades in high school.

"It's always been a goal of mine to go to college and have a career, and in order to get there I have to push myself and have good grades and my parents have always taught me to work hard in everything you do, so just as long as I'm giving it my all," Kenedee says.

It's not all studying and service for Kenedee. Last year she discovered a love of basketball when her team won districts. She also does track and volleyball.

"I love being part of the team and the feeling and commitment to put forth to get that win," Kenedee says. "The district championship we got last year- it was an amazing feeling to be part of that team."

Kenedee has some advice for high school students.

"Give it your all, try your hardest at everything, don't let it pass you by because it goes faster than you know," Kenedee says.

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