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Kids dig up dinos at Pocatello Zoo

Kids dig up dino bones at Pocatello Zoo

POCATELLO, Idaho - Kids were finding fossils around Pocatello on Wednesday.

More than a dozen kids came to the Pocatello Zoo for the first Rockin' It With Fossils Camp.

Kids got to excavate fake dinosaur bones, slosh around in the tar pits, and crack-open real geodes, which they could take home.

Camp leaders say they hope this program will be an annual event for kids to learn about geology and paleontology while having fun.

The young campers said they really liked it.

"It's very exciting because I want to learn more about dinosaurs," said 7-year-old Dominick Calica.

"Every time I try to get the kids excited about science, it gets them outside and active in the community," said Cory Coffman, curator of education at the Pocatello Zoo.

"But this is awesome. And we don't know what kind of dinosaur this is!" said Dominick.

The zoo will be holding its five-day Oregon Trail Adventure Camp from July 29 through Aug. 2.

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