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KKK literature passed in Rexburg

KKK Literature passed in Rexburg

REXBURG, Idaho - Some people in Rexburg are surprised to hear Ku Klux Klan literature is being distributed within their city. Captain Randy Lewis of the Rexburg Police Department said someone called to complain about a man placing the fliers on parked cars Saturday. He also said when police found him they asked him to stop handing out the fliers and without resisting he agreed.

The fliers were placed on cars in the area of North 3rd East and Smith park. When police found him, they asked him to check with city hall to make sure he is following city rules. City Clerk, Blair Kay, said the man did not stop by Monday, but did talk about the city's policies and if the man violated any.

"We don't have an opinion about that yet because we haven't seen what the fliers said or if it violates any statue, but if it is a general flier about an organization then we would consider it littering," said Kay.

"I think they are decades out of touch. This is not redneck country or Arkansas, Alabama or down south. If they think this part of Idaho would even be susceptible to receiving KKK literature they have lost their minds," said Tom Kennely.    

Some other people I spoke with said the man should be allowed to distribute fliers.
Rexburg police did not say what the fliers had written on them or what they looked like.

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