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Las Vegas officer laid to rest in Afton, Wy.

Las Vegas officer laid to rest in Afton, Wy.

AFTON, Wyoming - A Las Vegas officer was laid to rest in his hometown of Afton, Wyoming Monday.

Alan Beck's wife and children sat by his casket as family members and friends sang from the LDS hymnal "God Be With You Until We Meet Again." Family and friends said not only was he a good officer but a loyal husband and loving father.

Beck and his partner, Officer Igor Soldo, were the two Las Vegas police officers killed in last weekend's shooting. Beck and Soldo were eating lunch when a couple came in a shot them both. Officials said the husband and wife then ran into a near by Walmart where the husband was shot by officers and the wife took her own life. Investigators said this was a random attack, targeting law enforcement, but have not confirmed a motive.

Afton Police Chief Randy Haderlie said although these deaths took place in Las Vegas, they will still weigh on every law enforcement department.

"When something happens to any of us it happens to all of us," he said.

Haderlie said Beck's death serves as a reminder of why officers choose to protect and serve their communities.

"That's what he wanted to do. He (Beck) wanted to make everywhere he was a better and safer place for you and I," said Haderlie.

Jesalee Bagwell has been apart of the Afton community for some time. She said although she didn't know Beck well she still wanted to give the family her love.

"In situations like this all you can do is just be there and support them; Tell them that we love them and we'll do anything to help," she said.

Igor Soldo's funeral was held Thursday in Las Vegas. Family and friends said he, too, was a loyal husband.

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