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Late spring snow comes as shock for some

Summer snow comes as shock for some

ALTA, Wyo. - It's the middle of June, and some parts of eastern Idaho and western Wyoming actually received snow Wednesday.

It caught visitors to the region off guard.

"We're from California so snow in June is a bit odd," said Jane Smith, who is visiting Grand Targhee Resort.

"We had snow enough this year already," said Frank Schiller, who's visiting from Germany. "We signed up for a little sun. Not full summer, for a little sun, but that turned out to be a little different."

Resort officials said some have actually had to purchase warmer clothes on the fly.

"Bit of a shock for a few of them, but we've got a retail shop open. We've got the ability for people to get some warmer weather gear," said Ken Rider, with the resort.

Locals weren't too surprised, however.

"It's crazy, but it's Idaho, so you can't really expect -- expect the unexpected," said Meagan Stangar.

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