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Law enforcement combats aggressive driving

Law enforcement combats aggressive driving

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Idaho State Police is teaming up with local law enforcement agencies to combat aggressive driving throughout the state.

Over the past three years, more than 200 Idahoans have been killed, with more than 1,800 injured, due to aggressive behavior behind the wheel, according to ISP officials.

Sgt. Chris Elverud said many people underestimate how devastating their actions on the road can be.

"The main concern is the safety of themselves and the motoring public," he said. "When you get into a hurry or you're just impatient, you put everyone's life in danger and the ultimate sacrifice is fatal or serious injury crashes."

Law officials classify any of the following as aggressive driving and can cite motorists for it on the spot:
- Driving in a pushy or bold manner
- Speeding or driving to fast for conditions
- Following too closely or tailgating another vehicle
- Weaving in and out of traffic or passing on shoulders in an unsafe manner
- Honking unnecessarily
- Flashing of lights or rude hand/facial gestures

Officers warn drivers confronted by aggressive drivers to avoid conflict with the aggressor. To report aggressive driving or road rage, call the ISP dispatch or text *ISP (*477).

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