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Librarians to teach people about Affordable Care Act

Librarians to teach people about Affordable Care Act

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - Librarians in eastern Idaho want to help you understand President Barack Obama's health care reform known as the Affordable Care Act.

The Idaho Library Association and Blue Cross of Idaho are partnering to hold training for librarians.

The Blackfoot Public Library said they're acting as a distribution center for people. They will have printed materials like fliers and brochures. They will also have PowerPoint presentations. The library said it's even trying to have guest speakers come in and answer questions.

Library Director, Lisa Harral is learning the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act. She said there isn't a better place to teach people about it.

"Its a neutral zone in a library, someone is not trying to sell you something. We're just trying to provide information," Harral said. Tuesday afternoon Harral and librarian Brenda Wilcox received their first training on materials they'll use. Wilcox said the pamphlets will explain health insurance terminology, but she also said they won't have all the answers.

"We're not going to be the end all, and as this gets put into place and more information gets out, hopefully we'll educate ourselves," Wilcox said.

She also said they don't have a political motivation.

"People need to draw their own conclusions and be enlightened about how this law will effect them," Wilcox said.

Harral said they will not tell people which insurance plan to buy, they will just explain the Affordable Care Act.

The materials are also being provided to the libraries for free.

The Blackfoot Public Library will start handing out information September 2013.

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