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Local dancers audition for Moscow Ballet

Moscow Ballet Auditions

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A principal dancer from the Moscow Ballet was in Idaho Falls today to audition local dancers for a future performance. The ballerinas at Dance Tech Academy are auditioning for The Great Russian Nutcracker.

Ballet rehearsals at dance tech academy, this Thursday afternoon is extra special.

A master class with principal ballerina from the Moscow Ballet, Olga Aru.

Aru has been a ballet dancer for 17 years.

"We have different technique, we are teaching kids by Vaganova methodics, which is Russian style," said Aru.

The details of dance styles may be different in every country, but it's an art everyone understands.

"The great thing about dance is that it's a universal language, but even though there may be language barriers with these Russian dancers, it's all French in ballet so it helps us communicate," said Vicki Martin, an instructor at Dance Tech Academy.

"It was kind of different because my teachers here speak english and it was a little hard to understand but it was fun," said 16 year old dancer, Madyln Lee.

"I think it's a great opportunity for the professional dancers and the kids to have a culture experience, a cultural exchange between each other," said Aru.

An exchange through music and culture, bringing together two worlds for these young girls, it's about seeing what they can become, or simply hoping for one simple thing come November and Nutcracker night.

"Getting to perform," said 7 year old Samantha.

The Great Russian Nutcracker was sold out last year, so this year there will be two performances at the Colonial Theatre.

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