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Local family talks about son serving mission in Ukraine

Missionaries Moved From Ukraine

SUGAR CITY, Idaho - Sixty-seven missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are being moved from Ukraine.

A referendum took place this past weekend in eastern Ukraine, which sparked some violence in the region.

As fireworks went off last night in eastern Ukraine, in Sugar City, the Jeppson family got a letter from their son serving a mission in Ukraine.

"Things are good, life is good. Big changes are happening in this county, but the Lord's work is moving forward," read Becky Jeppson.

The Jeppson's youngest child, Zachary, is in the Ukrainian capitol of Kiev.

"He loves the people and loves working over there. He just says, 'Dad, we're not being stupid. We're just making sure we stay safe, so don't worry about it,'" said Paul Jeppson.

The revolution started in Independence Square in Kiev in November. In May, most of the violent clashes are happening in the eastern regions.

The Jeppsons said their son emphasizes the violence in the country is not as bad as the world thinks.

"There are some areas by the city, that have been alarming, but the rest of the city goes about its business as usual," said Becky Jeppson.

Their son will be serving the rest of his mission in Ukraine. In June he will have one year left of his mission.

"I know his personality, and he would be my most resourceful child. I think it's a good match for him. I'm quite honored that Heavenly Father would trust him to be there," said Becky Jeppson.

As the Jeppsons await the next letter about life in Ukraine, they'll be watching with the rest of the world on what happens next as those big changes continue in the country.

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