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Local man dies in shoot-out with Las Vegas police

Local ties to Las Vegas crime spree

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - Law officials said the man who went on a deadly crime spree in Las Vegas Tuesday had a long history with the law in Bonneville County.

Las Vegas authorities said Cody Winters and accomplice Natasha Jackson carjacked a van before invading a stranger's home, killing the owner and assaulting his wife. The two entered another home before Winters had a shootout with local police. Winters was shot and killed by officers, and Jackson was taken into police custody.

Bonneville County prosecutor Bruce Pickett said this wasn't the beginning of Winters criminal history,

"Cody Winters here in Idaho had been convicted of mainly drug crimes and was currently on probation for a felony DUI," he said.

Winters had 14 cases within the Bonneville County repository and was supposed to show up for court on Thursday for several misdemeanor charges. But Pickett said Winters' behavior shouldn't have escalated to a full crime spree.

"I would have to say that it's not typical for someone to go from having drug offenses and a DUI to having a violent crime like that. We do see it though, and we always have to be aware of that," said Pickett.

Winters was sentenced to three years of probationary supervision in previous cases. In 2013 county prosecutors were opposed to probation, but thought prison was appropriate. The judge in that case returned a rider for supervised probation. The Probation and Parole Services of the Idaho Department of Corrections declined an interview and did not offer any comments on why Winters was able to cross state lines.

Jackson appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom Thursday. Her bail was set at $400,000.

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