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Local "Pay it Forward" family to appear on Rachael Ray Show

Pay it forward campaign

POCATELLO, Idaho - Shannon Leavitt and her 10-year old son Kaden never thought doing everyday good deeds would land them on national television.

On Monday morning, the Leavitts will appear on the Rachael Ray Show for their "Pay it Forward" campaign, which aims to promote doing good deeds within a community.

Leavitt said people from across the country have even jumped on board to help her and Kaden out; one man from California even printed four-thousand new cards for Leavitt which read: 

"Please do a good deed, whatever it may be. Than (sic) pass this card to that person and tell them to do the same it forward..."

Leavitt said she prefers to keep the typo on the card after some backlash from the online community about the spelling error made her more determined to show the importance on focusing on the positive message of the campaign.

The cards have now been circulating throughout the community, and Leavitt mentioned at one point she even got one of her cards back after a patron at the Sandpiper restaurant she works at noticed a man only left her a three-penny tip.

"It was the coolest thing," Leavitt said. "You never, ever know what you have done, how it has changed someone's day. It could even change their lives. You have no idea."

Leavitt said her inspiration came from watching Kaden help people who were in need on his own volition.

"After watching him for awhile, I thought, 'Let's turn it into something. Let's do it, Let's make it our goal in life to do something good every single day for somebody.'"

Kaden remembered a time when he and his mom noticed a woman and her husband counting dollar bills in her car, trying to scrounge-up enough money to purchase gas, so his mom went inside the gas station to pay for the couple's fuel.

"They could have not had a home, for all we know," Kaden said.

Leavitt said she knows there are so many good people in the community who also do whatever they can to help others out, but also hopes to pass-on inspiration to others throughout the community who haven't been as giving.

"It doesn't matter where you come from or who you are, everybody deserves to have a good deed done for them. And who knows? Maybe doing a good deed for someone who isn't as nice could possibly change their attitude and change their life," Leavitt said.

You can see the Leavitt's on the Rachael Ray Show Monday afternoon at 11 o'clock.

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