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Local sheep company loses 176 sheep in wolf attack

Local sheep company loses 176 sheep in wolf attack

VICTOR, Idaho - One of the Siddoway Sheep Company's herds 6 miles south of Victor was attacked by wolves early Saturday morning, killing 176 sheep.

The sheep were grazing near Fogg Hill when herders heard a commotion. Once dawn broke, the herders reported seeing piles of dead sheep and two wolves up on a ridge. Most of the sheep had been forced into piles and suffocated, while a handful were actually bitten.

Daryl Meints, Idaho Fish and Game regional wildlife manager, said problems with wolves have been ongoing in that area since June. He said cases like this call for an investigation by the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Service.

"They basically look to make sure the animal didn't die from some other cause, and was just fed upon by a predator," said Meints.

Meints said if it's determined a predator did in fact kill the animals, they work with the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Service to reduce any further livestock loss.

"Numerous wolves have been taken out of that area, and obviously there, still, are wolves there," said Meints.

Siddoway Sheep Company said they have lost about 250 head of livestock to wolves, bears and coyotes this summer. Since the attack, flyers have been posted at trail heads warning hikers of bears and other predators that may be feeding on the piles of carcasses. 

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