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Local women create clothing line for people with diabetes

Local women design clothing for diabetics

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A local group of women created a clothing line for those living with type 1 diabetes to store their insulin pumps.

The undergarments come with a pocket sewn onto the clothing to put the insulin pump and run the tubing through.

The group had the idea when they originally created the product for cell phones.

They're working to get the clothing to a manufacturer to make it available on a larger scale.

"They (people with type 1 diabetes) deal with so much with medical costs and their daily struggle with dealing with diabetes. So anything that helps their daily life they have just embraced with open arms," said Nicholle Peterson, CEOO of Pocket Innerwear.

The group is currently fundraising here to manufacture the product and keep costs down for people to buy the undergarments.

They eventually hope to start a "one-for-one" campaign to give the clothing to more people with type 1 diabetes.

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