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Locals talk New Year's resolutions

Locals talk New Year's resolutions

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Losing weight, eating healthy and learning something new. These are just some typical New Year's resolutions that people tend to make as we get closer to 2014. On Tuesday locals spoke about their resolutions.

"Just becoming a better person in the community and towards family, friends and God," said Beau Bennett.

Some resolutions are more lighthearted than others.

"I guess to be more patient and have more fun with my crazy children." said Jamie Roos.

While some people are vowing to take away junk food and get off the couch, others are trying to add things instead.

"Get back into school and to get a better education so I can work somewhere else other than Target. It is a great place but I need to further my education and further my career," said Taylor Woodhouse.  

"My first New Year's resolution is probably to be more grateful. I want to be more thankful for the things that I have," said Jason Stolworthy.

Meanwhile, one local said we all make them, and most of us break them, so why bother?

"I don't make resolutions. I just try to live my life clean and healthy and pay my bills," said Beverly Gardner.

According to recent polls, the most popular resolution is spending more time with family.

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