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Lydia Garner: Distinguished Student

Lydia Garner: Distinguished Student

SUGAR CITY, Idaho - Sugar-Salem High School senior Lydia Garner loves to serve.

"Through service I've helped people know that they really can do something for themselves and I've been able to do that for them and also I've been able to get to know people and be the friend that they need," Lydia says.

Lydia is also involved in swing choir.

"For me it's fun when you get a piece and at first it sounds terrible, but eventually you get to the point when you're all unified and you have that powerful one voice, and it's just great to feel that unity and all you've accomplished," Lydia says.

Volleyball is another activity Lydia is deeply involved in. Her team recently took third in the state.

"I love the sisterhood we have on the team," Lydia says. "They're some of my best friends, and it's fun when you work hard and you play hard and you have the results that you want."

Lydia devotes a fair amount of time to music and sports, but still finds time to study and do homework. She has a 3.8 GPA. Good grades are important to Lydia.

"For me it sets a standard of how I'm going to push through everything in my life, because if I work hard now and get the good grades, I'll work hard in college and get the good grades, and I'll be able to get a good job and so it sets an example of how you're going to approach things in your life," Lydia says.

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