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Made in Idaho: Gem State authors

Made in Idaho: Gem State authors, Part 2

Like ABC News, we're excited to see people buy Christmas gifts "Made in America. We're taking it one step further: We'd like to see you buy Christmas gifts "Made in Idaho."

Here are some ideas from writers from the state.

Jo Deurbrouck has lived in Idaho for 25 years – almost a native. And her most recent book, "Anything Worth Doing," just won the 2012 National Outdoor Book Award. It's a story about two special outfitters on the Salmon River.

The book is about men who put a dory in the mouth of the Salmon River and rode it all the way to the ocean. This is a story made in Idaho by an author who lives in Idaho.

"This is a true story. I could not have made it up," said Deurbrouck.

Two experienced outfitters that had run the river so many times in so many ways and needed one more challenge. In the book, you learn about life, love, triumph and tragedy. And you learn about Idaho's Salmon River.

"The Salmon River is basically unique in the 48 states -- 425 miles long, runs through the largest wilderness complex in the lower 48," she said. "It's undammed its entire length, navigable its entire length, It's … rare in the world. Here's what's cool. On this amazing national treasure. And it's completely contained in Idaho."

Deurbrouck said her book makes a perfect Gem State gift.

"If you're talking about Made in Idaho, a trip down the Salmon river is a Made In Idaho gift," she said.

So pack a big box with a summer trip paid for inside and take a trip down the Salmon River with your family

To learn more, visit the Idaho Outfitters and Guides website,

Here are some more Idaho authors whose writings you may want to consider putting under the tree. Thank you to viewers who recommended some of these:

Kirby Jonas, a Pocatello firefighter, got bored working on the spud line and started writing westerns, good old fashioned ones with heroes, books that use Idaho as a backdrop.

"I just like seeing the good guy win and the bad guy get his in the end," he said. Jonas' most recent book is "The Secret of Two Hawks," and he won the 2010 Best Western Novel in Audio from Western Writers of America. He has published 11 novels.

Jerry Painter writes popular hiking guides to this area.

Ron Watters and Kathy Daly write paddling guides mostly, although Ron Watters also wrote "Never Turn Back" about kayaking pioneer Walt Blackadar in 1995. Also Watters and Daly wrote about easy water for nonadrenaline junkies, Ron and Kathy wrote a guide book to exactly those river stretches.

Poet and University of Idaho instructor Kim Barnes wrote "In the Wilderness," a memoir about growing up in logging camps in northern Idaho.

Cort Conley has written a guidebook, "Idaho For the Curious," a driving guide to the state.

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