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Made in Idaho: Grills and blankets

Made in Idaho: Grills and blankets

ABC is leading the charge to get you to buy things Made in America as Christmas gifts, and we're taking it a step further with Made in Idaho.

This week, I've been looking for some unique items, and I have two I want to show you.

First: a folding camp stove.
Renney and Tracy Tenney showed us their invention, the Flat-Out Backen.

"I'm going to fold it down flat now," said Renney. "So it's flat out. You're in camp now. Get your legs out. Go for your pop up points. You're ready to grill. What do you use for fuel. You can use briquettes, or we use wood. We use it out camping. We put the iron skillet there and we use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's best for s'mores."

Even the carrying bag is made in Idaho. The Flat-Out Bakcne costs $149, weighs 10 pounds and is 1 inch thick. For more information, see

Our second featured item made in Idaho are beautiful wool blankets created by the Siddoway family in the Terreton area – wool blankets from Idaho's sheep.

James and Ruth Siddoway immigrated to Teton, Idaho, in 1886 and began raising sheep. Five generations later, the family is still in the business and selling limited-edition wool blankets made exclusively of wool grown on their historic Idaho sheep ranch.

Jeff and Cindy Siddoway brought us some samples. I've given these as wedding gifts, and I have one that was given to me by the Faulkner family of Gooding when i got married. It's still in great condition, and that's 30-plus years later! Take care of these blankets, and you'll have them forever. Remember to dry clean only. The price is $150. For more information, see Your contact is

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