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Madison County celebrates centennial at the fair

Madison County celebrates centennial at the fair

REXBURG, Idaho - The Madison County Fair kicked off Thursday, and this year, there is extra reason to celebrate.

Madison County turns 100 this year. What better way to celebrate the centennial than by having the biggest fair ever in Madison County.

"We've been able to bring more people in and more vendors in, a lot of good support from the community," said Todd Smith, Madison County commissioner.

All of the favorite food and rides are back this year, as well as 4-H shows and entertainment. The carnival is nearly three times bigger than last year.

"We are just excited, with the centennial, to be here. We have big events planned for this year. We have had a party all year," Smith said.

The party goes on with the biggest event of the fair: a concert and fireworks show Saturday night.

"For this area to have Starship and Sawyer Brown, that's a big deal," said Vicki Grover, co-chairman of the Centennial Celebration.

Besides the usual fare, the fair will celebrate the centennial with pins, books and more.

"We have created a throw [blanket] with pictures of the historic buildings of Madison County. We created a token of Beaver Dick who was an early trapper and mountain man, and he was quite a colorful character in this area," said historian Lowell Parkinson.

In the next building over is a special wall of family brands. These brands are part of Madison County's history, with some even outdating the county. The oldest is from 1850.

"There are a lot of folks who have a brand that was passed down from their grandfathers, and their grandfathers' grandfathers," said Grover.

Friday night fairgoers can see animals in action at a rodeo, and there is plenty more to do.

"Also Friday night there is a big dance, a youth dance that is going to be set up in a big tent, and part of the profits of that do go to some charities. Madison County Cares and Madison County Search and Rescue," Smith said.

"This is an incredible fair, and it's an incredible heritage and we would like to invite everybody out," said Parkinson.

The centennial celebration will keep going even after the fair ends Sunday. The next event is a hike to Rexburg's highest point on Sept. 7.

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