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Man arrested in aggravated assault

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - A woman was shot and a man arrested after an incident in Bonneville County on Wednesday evening. It is unclear who shot the woman.

Around 7:30 p.m., the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office was investigating an aggravated assault reported earlier that day.

Brady Belliston reported that Neal Leroy Hope, 55, of Iona drove his older Chevy pickup at a high rate of speed toward him and his family while they were parked in their vehicle.

Belliston said Hope swerved at the last minute. He was Hope's employer.

The deputy went to Foothill Road, where the incident took place. He knocked on the door and was told to come in. As he opened the door, a woman was sitting on the floor and said she had been shot in the leg.

Hope showed up at the home as the deputy was helping the woman. He was arrested in connection with the previously reported aggravated assault.

Sgt. Jeff Edwards said Hope and the woman were acquaintances and at this point, it is unclear who shot the woman. 

Edwards said a small caliber weapon was used and the bullet went straight through her calf.

The woman was taken to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. The sheriff's office said her injuries were not life-threatening.

Edwards said in 2012, deputies responded to reports of aggravated assault between Hope and this same woman.

The sheriff's office is still investigating the shooting. Refresh this page for more details as they become available later Thursday.

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