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Man arrested in McCammon hit-and-run

MCCAMMON, Idaho - Police arrested a man in connection with Thursday's hit-and-run in McCammon.

Idaho State Police said Friday that Chancy R. Lancaster, 38, of Kimberly was arrested in connection with an incident that hurt a runner on Center Street.

"The state police would like to thank the community for their help in locating the suspect," the agency said in a news release.

ISP said it would not release further details since this is an ongoing investigation.

On Thursday, an SUV hit 48-year-old Mark Haddock while he was running along the side of the road. His father, Mike Haddock, said he has been training for marathons. Mike said he got the call after Mark had been hit and rushed to the scene. 

When Mark was struck by the vehicle, he went over the hood and roof, landing 10 feet away in the gravel. The car then sped away without a call to the police. A local resident who goes to church with the Haddock family found Mark on the side of the road and called Mike. 

"So I went out, near the turnoff for the church in McCammon, and Mark was laying in the gravel," Mike said. "He had leg injuries, chest injuries and both his hands were badly messed up."

Mike said Mark has gone through a rough transition recently, having gone through a divorce and job struggle. He said Mark spent a lot of money booking hotels and entry fees for five marathons this year. 

On top of this, Mike talked about his other son, who passed away in a motorcycle accident. Shortly after that, he and his wife moved from England to McCammon. After that, Mike's wife fell ill. 

"She's terminally ill," Mike said. "Mark is the light of her life."

Sgt. Matt Manning with the Idaho State Police said fleeing from the scene of an accident makes things much worse than if you stay and deal with the consequences of your actions. 

"It's a very serious crime to leave the scene of an injury crash, and there will certainly be serious consequences," Manning said Thursday. "It will be a lot better for them if they turn themselves in."

Mike said he's not angry about the hit-and-run. He said he just wonders why the person who did this has such an blatant disregard for human life. 

"I just hope the person responsible sees this and can live with himself," Mike said Thursday before police had a suspect.

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