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Marshmallow shooter company hopes for expansion

Marshmallow shooter company hopes for expansion

UCON, Idaho - It has been branded as the largest shooting foam dart and marshmallow shooter in the world. Sugar Shooters are made in Ucon, Idaho and are sold in parts of the Gem State, Wyoming and Utah.

Todd Piquet is the owner of the company. He sells toy marshmallow guns that he said can outperform similar products.

"My product is different because it not only shoots mini marshmallows but it also shoots foam darts and it will shoot them further than any other product on the market right now. For 10 bucks you can get a regular foam dart gun at your local store and it will shoot 20 to 25 feet. My marshmallow gun will shoot 170 feet," Piquet said.

He sells about 600 of them a month. Right now you can find them in some King's and Broulims stores. You can also find them at Ship Pro in Ammon.

"We probably sold a couple of 100 just during the last couple of months just from people coming in and looking at them and seeing what they can do," said Dana Croft, manager. 

Ship Pro gets a new shipment every month, but the manager said he hopes to get them every week. Piquet said if things go well he could be in 60 stores nationwide.  
Other big brands have already tried to buy him out.

"Unfortunately some of those companies that want to buy me out want to remake it in China and a lot of what I love about my product is that its made in the U.S.A," Piquet said.

Piquet started making sugar shooters in 2003. He sells them for $10 a piece. If you would like to place an order email or call 208-419-8275.

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