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Miss Idaho inspiring locals with insulin pumps

Miss Idaho inspiring locals with insulin pumps

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A photo of Miss Idaho showing off her insulin pump has gone viral and it is making an impact on those who deal with diabetes.

Sierra Sandison was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012 and she is inspiring local woman who say if she can do it, so can they.

"Diabetes doesn't need to stop any of us from doing what we need to do and that didn't stop her from winning Miss Idaho, so bravo," said Becky Sulik.  

Across the nation and in our own backyard, folks who wear insulin pumps are cheering for Miss Idaho.

"I think that is the stigma that if you wear an insulin pump you must be really bad or you must have poor control over your diabetes, but that definitely isn't the case," said Sulik.   

According to diabetes educator Ronda Harston that is not the case at all. Harston said the pumps deliver insulin to help control blood sugar.

"You can make them more personal to your insulin needs than an injection. It is easier to adjust the insulin you need through a pump than it is through a needle," said Harston.  

Oshyn Christensen, 9, has been wearing a pump for a little over a year. She gets occasional looks from people, but it doesn't bother her.

"Well sometimes people ask me, 'Well what is that?' and I say, 'It's a pump,' and it's really complicated to explain it, but they still want to know so I tell them," she said.       

Christensen said what helps take her mind off her struggles with diabetes is music and dance and of course knowing, if Miss Idaho can strut her stuff, so can she.

The last Miss America contestant to wear an insulin pump on stage was Nicole Johnson in 1999, who won the crown.

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