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More paws on deck for Idaho State Police

More paws on deck for Idaho State Police

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Idaho State Police has a new K-9 unit as drug trafficking increases across the state.

District 6 has acquired a new dog Apollo, in addition to three other K-9's across eastern Idaho. State trooper Ken Peeples is training Apollo in a effort to stop the trafficking of narcotics and controlled substances. He said he and the district are excited to contribute to other law enforcement agencies as a support system.

"Before as troopers, we were relying on other agencies and now we're able to rely upon ourselves as well as being able to assist other agencies," he said.

The district has had several high-profile drug busts the past couple of months with manpower alone. With the addition of an active K-9 unit, Peeples is excited to continue serving the community by keeping drugs off the streets.

The district said law enforcement agencies all over the valley have been an instrumental part in the dogs' training and success.

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