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Moscow Ballet Performs "The Great Russian Nutcracker" In Idaho Falls

Moscow Ballet Performs Nutcracker In Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Monday the world-famous Moscow Ballet performed a sold-out show of "The Great Russian Nutcracker" at the Colonial Theatre in Idaho Falls.

Rehearsals for the production brought together world-famous dancers from Moscow, Russia and young ballerinas from Idaho Falls.

"This is so exciting. I'm nervous and I'm excited. They're role models for me and I love watching them dance. They are so beautiful," said Jodynn Fisher, a 14-year-old dancer performing with the ballet company.

"This is really special, once-in-a-lifetime chance probably," said McKenzie Wilson, a 10-year-old dancer with Dance Tech in Idaho Falls. The local dance studio had several dancers participate in the performance.

"I've had hopes of being able to dance with professional dancers, but I never thought it would happen," said 16-year-old dancer, Victoria Grant.

Tonight, dancing with professionals did happen for Grant and the other young dancers.

The Moscow Ballet is on a national tour performing 100 shows during the holidays.

Idaho Falls was chosen because of the city's dedication to the arts.

"We just saw an opportunity in between Calgary and Denver as we're making our way south and it was just a perfect fit," said show producer, Dan Talmi.

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing they don't ever come here for something like this so it's really great. When they {dancers} came in and saw all these amazing professional ballerinas that's when it hit them what they're about to participate in," said Vickie Martin, one of the teachers at Dance Tech.

Natasha Miroshynk, a dancer with The Moscow Ballet, remembers what it was like to be a young dancer with big dreams.

"It was my dream when I was little girl and now I'm a professional dancer," said Miroshynk.

Tonight, under her direction, she makes dreams come true for little girls just like her.

"I hope it will be a special atmosphere for the kids," said Miroshynk.

Watching from backstage 9-year old Olivia Rowe, couldn't wait for her chance in the spotlight.

"Everyone gets to watch me," said Rowe.

The roles for these ballerinas may be minor.

"Snow-flake and party guest," said Rowe, but as showtime gets closer, the excitement builds.

"I'm excited for all the audience to see how well we can dance and stuff," said Wilson.

And, this holiday season, the chance to dance hand in hand with ballet's elite is a special gift the young dancers never expected to get.

The costumes and sets for the performance were all hand-made and flown in from St. Petersburg, Russia.

The ballet company will take a few days off for Thanksgiving before heading to Denver, Colorado for the next performance.

Talmi said The Moscow Ballet plans to be back in Idaho Falls next winter.

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