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Mrs. Bonneville County helps women learn defense skills

Mrs. Bonneville County helps women learn defense skills

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Statistics show that at least 80 percent of all sexual assaults are committed by an acquaintance of the victim.

To help fight that number, Mrs. Bonneville County America and the Apple Athletic Club teamed up Saturday to offer mothers and daughters a free self defense class.

Master Jeremy Hebard, a fifth degree black belt, taught the women how to escape an attacker, the mindset of being in an altercation, and easy moves to escape an attack unharmed. 

"Awareness and prevention -- just being aware of your surroundings is 99 percent of your safety, actually," said Hebard.

"I wanted women to be able to understand that you might be smaller but you can still fight back," said Jennifer Mathewson, Mrs. Bonneville County. "
Fighting back means stopping the attack and getting away."

Hebard said training in martial arts will help anyone learn self defense techniques and people of all ages can sign up for a class.

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