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Mrs. Powell's For Sale

Mrs. Powell's For Sale

AMMON, Idaho - Mrs. Powell's bakery has been a part of Ammon for nearly the past decade, but they could be closing if a new owner doesn't buy it.

The owners said they will sell the bakery by the end of the year. Employees and customers say it will be a real loss for the community if the business closes.

"We have really good cinnamon rolls," said manager Johnna.

The taste of Mrs. Powell's cinnamon rolls is what has had customers coming here for the past eight years.

"It's always been around since I was a kid," said one man leaving the store.

"Their cinnamon rolls, their homemade rolls," said one woman as she remembered her favorite treats from the shop.

Besides the smell of cinnamon rolls, customers are greeted with a sign saying the bakery will shut its doors by the end of the year if a new owner doesn't buy it.

The idea of the bakery closing is emotional for employees.

"It's really, really special. The owners are really special, they're the best people I could work for," said Johnna.

Owners Alban and Sherri Hatch said they fell in love with the quaint shop and decided to buy it eight years ago, but with the passing years, they decided it was time to retire.

"We're getting ready to have our 13th grandchild," said Alban Hatch.

"14th," corrected Sherri Hatch.

"We want to be able to spend time with not only our children but their children," said Alban Hatch.

Their kids have grown up with the bakery but it's Alban who felt like a kid again in the back kitchen.

"I will sneak in here late at night and it's usually something different every time," said Alban Hatch.

"We've loved it here, great place to work, incredible customers, we love our customers and they're so loyal to us." said Sherri Hatch.

Mrs. Powell's loyal customers will have a few more weeks to take in the last of the cinnamon rolls and fresh baked bread.

With each transaction, the hope on Hitt Road is that someone will make that final transaction to keep the sign at Mrs. Powell's flashing open.

The Hatch's say they do have a few interested buyers, but they're looking for the right fit more than just selling the store to anyone.

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