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Najwa: Wednesday's Child

Najwa: Wednesday's Child

LAKEWOOD, Washinton - As part of National Adoption Month we feature several children in foster homes waiting for adoption.

She looks older but Najwa is just 12 years old. We took her to a pottery making store where she chose to paint a cupcake. You can learn a lot about a person while they're doing a craft.

"I love to snack, especially on Oreos" Najwa says.

She also talked about what movies she wants to see.

"I want to go see "The Hunger Games." - I watched the first one," Najwa says.

Najwa has a variety of interests.

"I like to play sports and do crafts and arts and watch TV - I especially like Sponge Bob," Najwa says.

Najwa likes school.

"I like to socialize and talk," Najwa says. "I have lots of friends. I like to sit down with them and talk and laugh."

Najwa is resilient. She has weathered many moves in foster care and has actually come out stronger. Najwa thinks it would be a little scary at first to be adopted into a family she didn't know, but that it would work out if they loved her.

"If I'm on a basketball team they would come to my games and support me in any way possible," Najwa says.

Najwa has done well in the care of single mom foster parents, but whoever adopts Najwa, adoption workers are looking for a family the is nurturing, with a sense of humor and good listening skills where she can feel at home.

For adoption information call the Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.

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