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Neighborhood makes boy's early Christmas wish come true

Neighborhood Christmas surprise

CHUBBUCK, Idaho - More than 50 neighbors pulled together to help one local boy receive his early Christmas wish.

Since Sunday, the video of the neighbors decorating the Longs' home has reached more than 5,000 hits on YouTube. 


The neighbors donated hundreds of lights and decorations, while spending the evening decorating their home while the Long's were coaxed out of town for the night by one of their friends.

"We came around the corner and then all of a sudden - you're not expecting Christmas lights and then as we got closer we were just like, 'OK, that is our house,'" Kim said, laughing. "We weren't gone for that long and to leave with (the house) being totally normal and to come back to that was amazing."

The Longs have four children, the youngest two have muscular dystrophy: Jackson, age 10, and Konner, who is 15 years old.

When Konner told his father his one wish this year is to put Christmas lights up, the neighbors responded.

"We actually went out and got some lights because we were planning to do it, and then this just happened," Kim said.

Konner was in his room, watching out of his window when the excitement began.

"I thought it was a joke at first because my dad usually plays jokes on other people," Konner recounted. "But then I figured out it was because I wanted Christmas lights."

The Longs said they do not know how to properly express their gratitude toward the community, and noted this just goes to show how one caring community can make a big impact on someone's life.

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