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New store in Idaho Falls aims to help smokers

New store in Idaho Falls aims to help smokers

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A new store in Idaho Falls is aiming to help smokers curb their habit.

The Vapor Door on West Broadway recently opened and sells electronic cigarettes.

Basically, it's a battery-powered device that looks like a regular cigarette but it converts liquid nicotine into a mist or a vapor that is inhaled.

No fire, no ash and no smoky smell.

The store has more than 200 flavors you can add to an E-cigarette, from bubble gum to root beer.

Owners, Dallas and Natalie Christensen, have a similar store in Utah and thought Idaho Falls would be a good place to open another shop.  

"We love to hear stories about how people have quit, how much better they feel. A lot of people have more energy and we think it's a great product to help people quit smoking."

In Idaho, you have to be at least 18-years-old to purchase E-cigarettes.

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