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Organization pushes for personal savings

Organization pushes for personal savings

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - America Saves kicked off their savings campaign Monday. The nonprofit organization is pushing to get more Americans to save money.

According to a study done by the group, only 54 percent of Americans have a savings plan. 

President of Journey Financial Incorporated, Jennifer Landon, said it's best for people to save as soon as possible, be consistent with those savings and to utilize automatic transfers into a savings account or 401K. She also said although there are no wrong ways to go about saving, many people make one major mistake.

"The biggest mistake is to not do it. It doesn't matter how you're saving, whether it's in a mutual fund or in a savings account or a CD, anything is better than nothing," said Landon.

Landon also said many people choose to pay off debts rather than incorporate a savings plan. She said it's best to do both.

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