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Organizers talk safety and security at local races

Organizers talk safety and security at local races

REXBURG, Idaho - One of the most highly-attended marathons in the state is just two months away, and in light of Monday's tragic events at the Boston Marathon, race organizers and local law enforcement said they'll provide the same amount of security they've always had.

We're talking about the Teton Dam Marathon. This year marks its 10th anniversary and it draws runners from all over the country, but police say there isn't really a need for increased security or funding to support it.

"It's horrible that 3 people died and several hundred are hurt, but it's just one of those things where you shake and ask 'What are people thinking?'" said Bob Yeatman.

Yeatman is the race director for Rexburg's Teton Dam Marathon. The annual 26.2 mile race marks the collapse of the Teton Dam in 1976. Athletes race from the dam to Smith's Park in Rexburg.

"We expect between 800 to 1,000 participants in our race from not only this area, but we've had representation from 44 states and 6 countries," said Yeatman.

With the high foot traffic, local law enforcement provides basic security to protect runners, spectators and motorists. They say this year though, it'll be business as usual.

"We have not got enough money to increase security and is it warranted? I don't think so," said Capt. Randy Lewis with Rexburg Police.

But Yeatman said the race is a safe one. The course is monitored 24/7 for several days leading up to the event and all volunteers are screened.

"I think we do a pretty good job making sure everything is secure for the race," said Yeatman.

Both Lewis and Yeatman said runners shouldn't be nervous about local area races because there are safety plans in place.

The event is June 8. It's not just a marathon -- runners can also participate in a 5K, 10K, or a half marathon.

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