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Peacock sightings soar in local neighborhoods

Peacock sightings soar in local neighborhoods

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A local mystery has taken flight in eastern Idaho.

Over the past several weeks, our news team has gotten multiple reports from viewers about a peacock wandering through their neighborhoods.

"(I came) outside and I saw a peacock just strolling down the street," one child said in his Idaho Falls neighborhood.

Peacock sightings have taken place in Rigby, Ammon, Idaho Falls and a few spots in between.

The bird has been seen prancing along the pavement, bouncing through backyards and rebounding off rooftops, only to slip away.

"If we could, yeah, we would catch it," said Idaho Falls Animal Services manager Irene Brown.

Brown said the agency has gotten quite a few calls about the peacock, though workers have never been able to spot it themselves.

"There are people in the county that raise peacocks," Brown said. "It probably just got loose."

Brown hasn't ruled out the possibility of multiple peacocks roaming around, but right now, it's no harm, no foul.

"Until they cause problems, it's not something we get too terribly concerned about," Brown said.

Some kids decided to name the peacock Rebecca. If you see Rebecca taking a stroll, take a picture and share it with us on our Facebook page.

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