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Pit bulls to be up for adoption soon

BOISE, Idaho - Now that the evaluation of the more than 60 pit bulls taken from a murder scene in Oneida County is complete, some of them should be up for adoption within the next two weeks.

Bad Rap, a nonprofit organization based out of southern California that focuses on advocacy, education and adoption of pit bulls, finished its evaluations of the dogs on Wednesday afternoon. Bad Rap is the same group that evaluated the rescued Michael Vick pit bulls in 2007.

The Idaho Humane Society said about a dozen pit bulls will be ready to meet adoptive families in the next two weeks.

"These dogs are happy and friendly, but having experienced very little of life, will require especially dedicated owners," the society said on its blog Thursday.

The IHS said it will have information about adoption and an online adoption application available at by Saturday. Families interested in adopting one of these dogs are highly encouraged to visit the website Saturday, learn more about the dogs and submit an adoption application.

However, not all the dogs are eligible for adoption.

"Based on evaluations, it has been determined a group of approximately 10 to 12 dogs are not temperamentally suitable for adoption placement," IHS said. "The shelter staff doesn't take lightly the euthanasia of any animals and the choice to euthanize any of the dogs will be made individually, done in a humane manner, knowing that our staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to give these dogs the compassionate and loving care they have never before known in their lives."

The animals were part of a dog-fighting operation discovered after the April 4 murders of Yavette Chivon Carter, Brent L. Christensen and Trent Jon Christensen. Two children, one 2 years old and the other 2 months old, were found near the body of Carter, their mother, and are safe and with family. Police are still looking for those responsible for the killings.

See to find out how to help the children.

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