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Pocatello man cited for carrying loaded gun into airport

POCATELLO, Idaho - Police are investigating a Pocatello man who was cited after TSA discovered a loaded .410 caliber Taurus in his carry-on luggage at the Pocatello Regional Airport on Monday around noon.

Police detained the 54-year-old man who was headed for Salt Lake City and issued a misdemeanor citation before the weapon was confiscated as evidence.

Both TSA and police said the man was "extremely polite and cooperative" and was later allowed to board another flight.

According to police, the man was traveling through rural areas in Wyoming, had the weapon in his car, and mistakenly placed it in his luggage before leaving the vehicle at the airport.

Police also mentioned he has a concealed carry permit.

Pocatello Police Department's Dianne Brush said this is a somewhat more common mistake in Idaho as compared to other parts of the nation since more people carry guns in the state. This is the second incident that occurred in the past few days. A similar incident happened at the Boise Airport.

For more information on how to safely travel with a weapon, visit the TSA website at

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