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Pocatello to get baseball team

Gate City to go Semi Pro

POCATELLO, Idaho - Pocatello is getting a semi-professional baseball team.

The Gate City Grays may suit up in Pocatello this summer. They have a coach, a general manager and uniforms. All they need now is a place to play.

Terry Fredrickson, the man who has been spearheading the charge, went before the Pocatello City Council on Thursday to propose using Halliwell Park as the home field for the Grays.

The biggest problem is working out schedules with the American Legion. The council gave him the go-ahead to work out the details.

The council still has to vote on it at a later date, but it looks like full steam ahead.

The Grays will be a semi-professional baseball team, so think of it as a level under minor league.

Frederickson said a team like this is something the Gate City needs.

"I think we're tired of watching things go away, and we're tired of watching things shut down, and we're tired of watching things lose," said Frederickson. "We're ready for some winning, and this is going to be some winning. This is medicine for Pocatello, and we're excited to have it here."

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