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Police say too much sex for sale in eastern Idaho

Undercover officers found prostitutes online

Police say too much sex for sale in eastern Idaho

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Two women are charged after a prostitution sting in Idaho Falls.

The Bonneville County Sheriff's Office and the Idaho Falls Police Department are teaming up to crackdown on the growing number of sex crimes in eastern Idaho.

Instead of heading to a street corner, many are listing sex services on public websites and getting answers to their classified ads.

"Certain people actually use that, I guess in this situation, as an opportunity for employment and think that they're going to get away with it," said Sgt. Jeff Edwards with the sheriff's office.

Police said the latest prostitution bust in Idaho Falls is a prime example. 

22-year-old Chrishaunna Tolliver from Seattle was arrested after undercover officers said she agreed to exchange sexual favors for cash. 

In another room at the hotel, 29-year-old Anjineatte Welch of Orangeville California was also arrested for prostitution.

"To have multiple in the exact same area at the same time is a little odd, so we definitely needed to get out there and do some enforcement and let them know that that isn't tolerated in our area," said Edwards.

Officers said prostitution is a growing problem in eastern Idaho, with many coming from out of the area because it's not a major issue in the gem state. 

But officers can't arrest people only based on an ad. Money has to be exchanged first. 

"At that time, once the money is exchanged and the terms are stated about what is going to happen, then they place them under arrest," said Edwards.

Officers said they had plans to arrest another woman who's ad they found online, but she never answered the door.

People who buy or sell sex in Idaho are charged with misdemeanors and it becomes a felony if it happens three times. 

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