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Post-Thanksgiving blues mean busiest day of the year for plumbers

busy day for plumber

POCATELLO, Idaho - Although the day after Thanksgiving marks the busiest day of the year for retail stores, it is also the busiest day for plumbers.

Local plumbers said the number of calls that come in during the holiday do not jump too much higher than their average of 10 to 12 calls per day. However, they say that's still quite a hefty number considering the fact all of their calls that come in are emergencies.

They also say all of their Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving calls are due to clogged drains from people not properly disposing of particular foods down the garbage disposal.

Seth Lusk is a local plumber and owner of Lusk Plumbing in Rockland. He said two out of every three homes he visits during this time are due to potato peels clogging the drains.

However, both he and other local plumbers say Idahoans are pretty good at keeping at keeping their drains unclogged during this season as compared to the rest of the nation.


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