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Pres of FreedomWorks talks about Idaho's political power

Pres of FreedomWorks talks about Idaho's political power

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Republican Bar-B-Q fundraiser was held Thursday night at Tautphaus Park in Idaho Falls. The guest speaker is very well known on the national circuit and to the tea party.

Eyewitness News anchor Todd Kunz caught up with Matt Kibbe, the president and CEO of FreedomWorks, and asked him about Idaho as a political player.

"This is a very red state, but it also has a real libertarian streak to it, a lot of independents that you would expect to find in western states, but is better to find in Idaho than I think in any other western state. It's what made America great. There is a lot of sense of responsibility. There's a lot of sense of community. And I think that the new Republican Party can reflect those values and really celebrate, not the just way that we believe in individual freedom, but the way that individual freedom allows communities to function by coming together to solve problems," said Kibbe.

This is the 42nd annual Bar-B-Q fundraiser for the Region 7 GOP. It included a live auction and dinner.

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