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Principal kisses frog

Principal kisses frog

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - One local principal embraced his inner fairy tale Wednesday.

Discovery Elementary School in Bonneville County just wrapped up a fitness challenge and fundraiser. The 425 students were challenged to exercise 150,000 minutes over two weeks. The students smashed that goal, reaching 168,000.

Among the incentives were popcorn parties and a free bike, but a sixth grader suggested Principal Ken Marlowe dress up as a princess.

Marlowe decided he had to one-up his student, and agreed to kiss a frog.

Students and staff reacted to the smooch with cheers, but there is no word on the reaction of the amphibian, nor whether it magically changed species.

Marlowe isn't new to spectacles like this. In the past, he has dressed up as a genie and been duct taped to a wall.

"If we can make elementary a fun, exciting place for (students) to be, where they can learn the basic information they need, to be successful, that's what we want, and that's what we're going try to provide here at Discovery Elementary," said Marlowe.

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