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Pursuit of a good cause

Pursuit of a good cause

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A team of cyclists from Houston and across the United States that made a stop in Idaho Falls Sunday afternoon, is embarking on a 3,500-mile cross-country bike ride in hopes of raising $13.5 million  for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Pursuit For Those with Disabilities Campaign will also be stopping by Aspire, which provides services to adults and children with physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities.

The Pursuit For Those with Disabilities Campaign riders  will also be meeting with a local Boise nonprofit.The money raised will go to The Center organization, a nonprofit located in Houston.

Pursuit chief rider David Baldwin assembled a team of more than 200 volunteers, riders, sponsors and support staff to drive the effort.

Baldwin said there are 11.5 million people nationwide living with a disability. 

"We learned a lot about inclusion having people with disabilities living more in the community and  more independently. Giving them  vocational training and vocational opportunities.  We have over 30 learning visits to do.  Monday in Idaho Falls we are working with Aspire  which is another great organization right here in your own backyard," Baldwin said.

Pursuit campaign manager Jourdan Ellis said the campaign is bringing awareness to all disabilities.

"Anything from Down syndrom to Aspergers to autism there's really no one disability that we are focusing on. People just need to  know how to act around people with disabilities, how states are funding individuals with disabilities. Overall giving them more attention. And the attention that they deserve," Ellis said.

The ride started in Oregon on June 6. and will end on Aug. 3.

Along the way, riders will pass through 11 states and 12 major cities before ending near Washington, D.C.


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