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Pyro's Brick Oven Pizza opens in Idaho Falls

Pyro's Brick Oven Pizza

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Pizza is a favorite American food and now there is a new pizza place in town that is all about going back to the authentic Italian roots.

Pyro's Brick Oven Pizza is a new food truck in Idaho Falls, but not just any food truck, it has an actual full-sized brick oven inside the truck.

The name Pyro's means "fire" in Greek, and the owners jokingly say they play with fire every day, so the name is a perfect fit.

"We start a campfire every morning and get the oven up to temperature and cook the pizza," said owner Mike Olsen.

Five-minute pizzas are made through this old-fashioned authentic Italian way of cooking..

Friends John and Mike were in a transitional stage in their lives when they decided to just buy a truck and create their own business.

"John and I have kind of always been handymen. I put myself through college doing handy man work so that kind of gave me the confidence to tackle something I wasn't familiar with," said Olsen.

It took the friends two months to design the truck.

"We actually built the oven inside the truck, that was the first thing we did with the truck, built the brick oven inside, then everything else came after," said Olsen.

They hit a lot of obstacles along the way, like finding a special kind of concrete that would withstand the 680-degree oven inside.

"We wanted to make it all out of brick, because that's kind of the old-school Italian style, but traveling around in a truck there's so much vibration so we had to go with concrete," said Olsen.

Pyro's Food Truck menu offers the traditional favorites and some unique flavors.

"My favorite is barbeque chicken, that's what I eat in the truck when I have time to kill, so you can get a 9-inch or a 15-inch pizza are the two pizza we offer and then we do bread sticks and pops," said Olsen.

No matter what you choose off the menu "People can expect dang good pizza! We're just pretty laid back guys, we're both from Idaho Falls. This is where we grew up, we're just here to make a good product," said Olsen.

Pizza starts at just $5. The Pyro's Brick Oven Pizza truck is parked on 17th Street in Idaho Falls across from Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream. Pyro's Brick Oven Pizza is open every weekday from 5-8 p.m for dinner. They travel around town to various locations during the lunch hour.

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