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Repainting Ravsten

Repaint Ravsten

Student leaders from both high schools in Idaho Falls are working together to raise money to paint the bleachers on each side – one for Skyline and the other for Idaho Falls. It's a huge undertaking - both the painting and raising the funds. They'll need 60-thousand dollars to have it professionally done, but the students think it's worth it.

"I think it's a good idea because it will bring back school spirit to both schools, because the emotion bowl is a huge part of the town and both schools, and to have the stadium festive would really help," said Idaho Falls High School Student Body President, Parker Gardner.

The students aren't taking money just yet, because the school board hasn't approved the project, but they are taking pledges.

If they get 30-thousand dollars in pledges by Friday the superintendent has promised to put it on the school board agenda for next week. To make a pledge, send an email to:

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