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Rexburg man invents sound system for action sports athletes

Rexburg man invents sound system for action sports athletes

REXBURG, Idaho - A 26-year old Rexburg man is using a website to fund his new invention, and his campaign has attracted world-wide attention.

With the help of a designer and a couple of engineers, Kyle Rawson founded his own company called Syphon Sound. Their product allows athletes to enjoy music with their action sports.

It all started when Kyle Rawson was working in Sun Valley, Idaho. He wanted to listen to music with a beanie on, but without developing sore ears from ear buds. Two years later, Kyle has turned a sketch into something generating world-wide attention

The music from a phone is transmitted to a bluetooth receiver. That receiver runs into the Sound Wrap, which can be placed in a hat or helmet.

"Snowboarding and listening to music, that's my world,' said Rawson.

Syphon Sound is the only company allowed to sell this technology in the action sports industry.

"This technology is covered by over 20 different patents," said Rawson.

With his idea secured, Kyle turned to The website allows start-ups like Syphon Sound to pre-sell their product to generate money. Companies set a goal, and wait for supporters to help them reach it. Syphon Sound's goal is to reach $20,000 in 30 days.

"When I launched this thing I was like, 'dude, we're going to be scraping by to get $20,000,'" said Rawson.

But Kyle has received orders from all over the world, and reached his goal Sunday night, just five days into the campaign.

"So right now, we're trending towards $100,000," said Rawson.

Syphon Sound currently has the speakers shipped from Taiwan, while the rest of the product is made and assembled in Idaho Falls. Rawson hopes the company becomes "the brand for flexible speakers."

Visit for more information on Rawson's invention.

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